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Marina Constas has sat on the board of the Community Schemes Ombud Service and is currently a Director at BBM Inc Attorneys. She is a Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators, a qualified mediator with the London School of Mediation and an honorary member of NAMA (National Association of Managing Agents). Apart from resolving community scheme disputes, she walks marathons, participates in community based projects and loves socialising with family and friends



Karen Bleijs began her career as an Estate Agent and Sectional Title Portfolio Manager, and has been an Attorney, Notary and Arbitrator in private practice for the past 15 years. She is currently employed as an Adjudicator at the Community Schemes Ombud Service. When she’s not writing, she indulges her passion for reading, cooking, travelling and spending time with family (including those of canine and feline persuasion).


“The updated 3rd edition of Demystifing Sectional Title continues to be a powerful source of information for all involved in sectional title property management, sales, rentals and ownership. This book
is a must have.”

Chantel Van Heerden

Chairperson of the National Association of Managing Agents

“This book is the map to navigating the minefield of the new legislation governing living in and managing Sectional Title Schemes. A must have for owners, trustees and managing agents.”

Clive Ginsberg

Director Compeg

“Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs are master class. In an industry bloated with know-it-alls, these two smart attorneys are on point. Every time. This updated 3rd edition covers the new Sectional Titles Act. Quote from its covers and you will be on point too.”

John Holding

GM Renprop Property Management

“An excellent and highly recommended legal resource covering the updated legislation, for all stakeholders involved in sectional title ownership and management. We will be arranging copies for all our offices and portfolio teams.”

Andrew Schaefer

MD at Trafalgar Property and Financial Services



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From the get-go, Demistifying Sectional Title simplifies concepts and terminology, bringing home the practicality of living in a Sectional Title Scheme. The updated edition bears testament to the enormous popularity of the book. The advice is insightful based on the co-authors’ many years of experience and most importantly conveys knowledge in a readable manner.

Knowledge is power
and never is this
more apt than
in a community lifestyle.